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Amazon SEO case study - How we increased organic sales by 23.9% within a month

amazon seo case study

About the Brand

This is an Indian brand that manufactures & sells home products like Washing Machine Stand, TV Wall Mount Stand, Resting Chairs, Desks & More.

Their primary source of sales has been Amazon.

They have their products listed on Amazon Marketplace where they run ads for the product listing and also rely on organic sales from Amazon.

The Challenge

The challenge with the brand was to increase its organic sales & visibility on Amazon. Our preliminary audit highlighted some issues that were acting as a hindrance to growing the product listing organically on the platform.

Here are the results we achieved for them

Growth in Orders

amazon seo smartshelter orders growth

Sessions Growth

smartshelter sessiosn growth

Keywords Positions Changes:

*Here keywords positions of the hero (best selling) product are taken.

Total Number of Top Keywords for which rankings increased: 25

Total Volume of Top Keywords for which rankings increased: 89,273

The Secret Sauce

amazon seo process

1. Keyword Research

Selecting the right keywords is the backbone of Amazon SEO, be strategic and careful on how to include the keywords in the listings.

Tools to use: Helium 10, Ahrefs

Using Helium you can understand what kind of monthly search volume the said keyword carries. This can help you prioritize & ascertain the keyword for which you want to optimize your listing & track them.

2. Title Optimization

Make the Product Title Keyword Rich and Readable for the User.

What we did is we updated the title tag keeping in mind that the title should clearly describe what the product is with all its relevant attributes that the consumer cares about. Focusing on length was not the goal here but creating a user-friendly product title was the goal.

Title rephrased, New Keywords(Fridge, Cooler) introduced


Overall rankings and rankings of the product for the added keywords(Fridge, Cooler) increased

product title optimizations amazon

3. Bullet Points Optimization

Make the Bullet Points Keyword rich and readable for the user.

  • Points are bolded to enhance readability, thus directly affecting the conversion rate.
  • Sentences rephrased to add keywords in a user-friendly/natural way

4. A+ Content Added

UX increased, thus directly affecting the Conversion Rate.

* Depending on the brand, A+ content can have a positive or negative impact, so this needs to be tested at a regular interval.

5. Backend Keywords Added

amazon listing backend keywords

Search Terms are keywords for which we want to rank or boost the rankings.

*Only a maximum of 250 characters can be used, so use them effectively.

Tools Used


I. Helium 10 and Ahrefs (for keyword research)

Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Explorer:

ahrefs amazon keyword research

II. Helium 10 Plugin (for listings optimization and overview)

  • Amazon’s main website is (for competitive research)
  • Amazon seller central (for sales tracking)

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