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We believe in sustainable SEO growth which starts with white hat SEO practices & getting the fundamentals correctly.

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Nitin Manchanda

founder of botpresso

Nitin Manchanda is a seasoned SEO who has been helping brands across different industries grow organically.

His experience as Global Head of SEO at international brands like Trivago (65 domains across 55 markets) and Omio (30 domains across 22 markets) makes him an expert in International and Travel SEO.

In the past, he also helped Flipkart grow their SEO traffic by 350% and that’s where he learned E-commerce SEO and realized he’s made for it.

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Our Services

SEO Audits

To help you understand the current state of your domain(s) and potential opportunities

Content Optimization

Content is an essential ingredient for any growth story. We can help you build a user-first, but bot-second approach

New SEO Oppourtunities (Design Sprint Approach)

You can also hire us for helping your team to find new SEO opportunities

SEO Consultancy

We can co-own the organic growth story for your brand and make it the story we all can be proud of

Competitive Analysis

An analysis to help to understand the gaps and new opportunities that can be a part of your roadmap to win additional market share

SEO Migration

SEO migrations are tricky and they can go wrong quite easily. We can help you write a successful site migration story

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Nitin is a real pro at what he does in SEO. He helped us solve a few SEO puzzles to grow Tripaneer and partner brands organically. The team really enjoyed working with him as his background in engineering and product helped us connect the dots quite easily. We really liked his explanations about the recommendations which answered all our questions even without asking them. He’s my first pick when I’m looking for an SEO expert for my brands and I highly recommend Nitin’s SEO services if you’re looking for a ‘real’ SEO problem solver.
Jorgo Costellenos
Chief Marketing Officer, Tripaneer
A world-class SEO professional with extensive experience and understanding of data, strategy and execution.
Dan Petrovic
Founder, DEJAN Marketing