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The ideal goal of any SEO consultancy is to optimize your website’s performance on search engines.
We at Botpresso are a collective of SEO professionals that have experience from all over the globe, so get in touch with us to get the right kind of consultation to spearhead your organic traffic to new peaks.

Sustainable SEO Growth Process

Identify Opportunities

Identify how deep is your audience when it comes to organic search

Fix technical issues

Using tools and expertise diagnose the website fix issues that blocks growth

Grow your target audience

Formulate strategies to create and fix content to reach a broader audience

Sustain growth

Repurpose and update the website to maintain amazing performance

What is SEO Consulting?

SEO Consulting can be intricate and confusing unless you work with a professional, competent, and experienced team. Botpresso consultants are synonymous with trendsetting and defying any odds to align and exceed client expectations.

In our line of business, we’ve come across business owners messed up big time by trusting the wrong SEO consultants. Small business owners and E-commerce website proprietors suffer the most when their sources of livelihood become untenable due to avoidable mistakes. Blackhat SEO strategies, shortcuts, and general ignorance of standard SEO guidelines are costly. Don’t gamble with parties unwilling to guarantee the best SEO outcomes.

Sure, SEO agencies promise a myriad of benefits to their clients. However, SEO consultancy builds from top to bottom, not vice versa. Our professional SEO consultants are battle-hardened specialists, not generalists. While an SEO agency tries to cover the basic stuff, and they matter, our SEO strategy is modelled to cover each niche. Technical SEO, E-commerce, or international SEO, we are undefeated. Try us and see the difference.

Botpresso guarantees above-standard SEO results grounded in a sound, comprehensive, and competent SEO strategy.

We are Different

Industry Relevance

People forget SEO isn’t child’s play. We intend to bring value and honor to this field. We don’t take up clients because we want to make money. That’s wrong at so many levels. The client portfolio reflects our expertise, experience, and specialties. Work with people who have seen it all. If we take up any client for SEO consultancy and strategy formulation, it’s because we’ve got the necessary niche expertise for optimal output.

In-depth Research

Ever heard of leaving no stone unturned? Our internal mantra is to unearth the hidden so long as it benefits our clients. SEO consultancy at Botpresso starts by understanding indexing, rendering, and search engine algorithms. Pulling the trigger means we will victoriously get you to the finishing tape. Winning takes grit and we put in the hours and expertise to see you over the line.

  • Unique Work Culture /Communication
  • Result-Guaranteed.

Perhaps our greatest asset and selling point. Botpresso’s heritage lies in a team that epitomizes and upholds transparency and conforms to our clients. SEO consultancy requires clear and open communication channels to facilitate a collaborative work approach. Expect to holistically engage with our team from start to finish.

SEO Consultation Offerings

Detailed SEO Audit:

A comprehensive SEO audit can help you identify areas of improvement to make your website more visible and attract more traffic. The first step in any SEO audit is to assess the current state of your website. This includes looking at your site’s structure, content, link profile, and technical SEO. Once you have a good understanding of where your website currently stands, you can start to identify areas that need improvement. Allow us to identify possible barriers to an optimal site. The last thing you’ll get from us is shallow, automated, and non-actionable SEO audit reports.

Keyword Research and Demand Analysis:

Our clients stand out in a world of stiff competition because we relentlessly help them focus on niche-relevant areas. Keywords allow your website to be found by potential customers when they search for terms related to your business. Botpresso takes time to do keyword research and demand analysis so as to guarantee your website is found by potential customers who are actually interested in what you have to offer. This brings more traffic and conversions, and ultimately business growth.
Competitor Analysis: Botpresso makes you outrank your competitors by applying innovative and efficient SEO strategies. 

Schema Auditing and Consulting: 

Organizing structured data enables search engines to easily crawl and index your website to help you get more conversions.
Activity Prioritization: Reaching the right audience guarantees greater impact, which translates into confidence and effort for consistency. The RICE Model is our north star.
Link Audits: Assessing your backlink profiles to avoid Google penalties due to spam and other common challenges.

SEO Reporting: 

Understanding whether your efforts are producing the intended results and in tandem with your goals.
SEO Migration: Whether you move from WordPress to HTTP or any other platform, we guarantee your search visibility.

Website Speed Optimization: 

Google Webmaster Guidelines and adherence to acceptable practices for maximum output.


Industries We Dominate

Travel SEO

Marketplace SEO

Healthcare SEO

Publisher SEO

Ideally, SEO consultancy involves undertaking in-depth analysis of the overall website metrics such as keyword research, link profiles, content strategy and web analytics in order to plan and define the overall SEO strategy.

According to Indeed, the starting salary for SEO consultants is $54,000, which equates to an average of $30 per hour. Of course, this rate depends on various factors such as the scope of work and experience.

Competent SEO consultancy requires a thorough comprehension of web aspects and planning an actionable and prioritized framework to build an optimal website.

Yes. SEO brings more organic traffic to your site, and increases visibility and reach to the target audience. In E-commerce, SEO brings more conversions thus increasing revenues. SEO is a worthy investment. 

By simply mastering the requirements of web duties, and focusing on output to verify the validity of your skills. However, SEO takes time and practice.