Nitin Manchanda: International SEO Speaker

Meet Nitin Manchanda, Founder & Chief SEO Consultant at Botpresso. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge about the dynamic SEO industry, Nitin has prowess in topics like international SEO, enterprise SEO, AI in SEO, and other technical SEO topics.

Nitin is a dynamic speaker who has spoken at multiple international events, including in Brighton, the UK for BrightonSEO, in Munich, Germany for SMX, and in Barcelona, Spain for the International Search Summit. He has also been the host for several of Semrush and Duda webinars, and was a speaker at SERPConf.

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Nitin's Keynote Events

A look at Nitin taking centre stage to share insightful information about the world of SEO.

Nitin delivered a keynote speech at the International Search Summit in Barcelona in 2023. His presentation focused on frameworks for SEO migrations in international web setups, emphasizing winning best practices and case studies for long-term success.

Nitin Manchanda was recently invited to speak as a panellist at The Berlin Growth Marketing Conference 2024, organized by Startup Network Europe, sharing incredible insights into growth marketing!

Nitin participated in the BrightonSEO event, addressing 3,000 attendees on the topic of "Data-Driven Approach to Scale SEO.

Webinar & Podcast Spotlight

Watch Nitin Manchanda's insightful online sessions, where, as a keynote speaker, he shares intriguing insights on industry trends and practical strategies at prominent online events like BrightonSEO and SMX. Adding to his allure, he is also a popular host for numerous SEMrush webinars, making every SEO-related session fun and engaging.

A Career Steeped in SEO Excellence

Nitin's SEO odyssey commenced in 2012, and since then he has been on an unceasing quest for innovation. His ability to embrace novel ideas and groundbreaking approaches has set him apart as a leader in the field. His expertise is multifaceted with a primary focus on Enterprise SEO and International SEO.

Nitin's Authorship Showcase

Read Nitin’s valuable insights in his authored articles featured in esteemed industry publications around the world.

Leading the AI in SEO Moment

At present, Nitin is at the forefront of innovation, experimenting with the integration of Al into SEO This includes ever-changing work in search in generative AI, content production, automation of SEO using Python codes, and more. His willingness to embrace emerging technologies underscores his commitment to staying at the forefront of SEO trends.

Nitin’s Keynotes

Take a look at the Slideshare slides from Nitin’s webinar sessions for the SEO industry biggies, where he shared his perspectives on several advanced SEO topics, providing a visual tapestry of SEO knowledge with a global audience.

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