Building the Perfect SEO Team for your SaaS Brand 

Building the Perfect SEO Team for your SaaS Brand

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SaaS Industry is estimated to be valued at around $170 billion. This is likely to keep surging as people innovate and embrace the power of the internet in solving everyday problems. 

Unsurprisingly, more and more SaaS companies are emerging with their unique offerings & solving problems that needed to be solved.

With SEO and SaaS, Businesses can capture a good chunk of market share from the search and this starts with getting the right manpower to run the business. 

Why Hiring Right Candidates Matters

Why Hiring Right Candidates Matters

For Saas and other companies, hiring the right people is more than just finding candidates with the right skills and qualifications. It’s also about hiring people who will be a good cultural fit for your organization. After all, hiring employees who aren’t a good cultural fit can have serious consequences—both in terms of productivity and team morale.

Hiring managers should look beyond the qualifications on paper and consider each candidate’s potential to be a good cultural fit. Ask yourself questions like: 

  • Does this candidate display qualities that will contribute to our company culture? 
  • Are they open-minded and willing to learn new skills? 
  • Do their values reflect those of our organization?
  • Can they lead the innovation required to remain competitive? 

By taking the time to find people who are a cultural fit, hiring managers can ensure that incoming employees thrive in their new work environment. This increases the likelihood of hiring top talent and helps to create a productive, positive workplace.

Ultimately, this leaves your organization filled with motivated, engaged employees who will help your business reach its goals.

Other Skills specific to Saas Brands Include:

  • Assessing the talent required for present and future growth. In short, hire people suited to your needs. 
  • Use a skill-gap analysis to identify and fill in any weak areas. 
  • Onboard people who fit the cultural values and align with the organization’s growth projections. 

Here are some of the Top Hires for Saas Brands

Some of the Top Hires for Saas Brands

These are the most critical SEO skills necessary for SaaS companies. 

1. Chief Technical Officer

Understands and communicates the company’s core technology to potential clients, investors, and the wider public.

2. SEO Project Manager

Coordinates all teams within the company to ensure that all SEO recommendations are implemented.

3. SEO Manager

Responsible for managing specific SEO teams, ensuring that all the required deliverables and deadlines are met while monitoring performance.

4. SEO Specialist

This hire depends on the services offered in your company. For instance, if the SaaS brand provides unique services such as App Store Optimization, it’s imperative that you bring competent talents.

5. Content Specialist

Expected to formulate and drive all content efforts to capture the market and share a company’s vision and mission both internally and externally.

6. Copywriter

Taps into the power of words to help SaaS brands communicate.

Remember the back-end skills

These are the people who work away from the limelight but immensely contribute to the overall success of SaaS brands, especially for SEO roles. 

  1. Link Specialists: As long as backlinks remain an important ranking factor, this role is vital in bringing in quality backlinks to help send quality signals to search engines. 
  2. Web Developers: Guarantee user-friendly and bot-optimized websites to ensure SEO compliance. 

State of SaaS Talent Market

You can get a detailed overview of the status of the SaaS pool talent market from this detailed report from hiring coaches in the industry. 

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Nitin Manchanda

Nitin Manchanda

Nitin Manchanda is a developer turned SEO. In the past, Nitin has helped some really popular brands like Omio, trivago, and Flipkart grow organically. He is also the founder of Botpresso, a boutique SEO consultancy. While not busy with his SEO stuff, you'll find him planning his next trip, watching some cricket match, or painting, crafting or breaking things with his two daughters!