EdTech SEO Success: +270% Non-Brand Click Growth in 7 Months

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Navigating Challenges in the Digital Landscape

In a landscape of online education, our client faced visibility hurdles and stagnant user engagement. Our SEO campaign aimed for a holistic transformation, addressing technical intricacies and enhancing the overall user experience. 

Campaign Objectives and Goals: Beyond Rankings

Elevating online visibility and driving a 3x growth in non-brand clicks within 12 months.

🡪 Improve rankings for top 5 keywords.

🡪 Increase sessions, and attract new users.

🡪 Boost non-brand clicks.

Platforms and Tools Leveraged for Search Marketing

✔ Conducted technical audits with Oncrawl, Screaming Frog, and GSC.

✔ Utilized Ahrefs and SEMrush for keyword research.

✔ Employed Semrush for competitor analysis.

✔ SE Ranking for tracking keyword rankings.

✔ ChatGPT for content creativity.

✔ Reporting with GA4, GSC, and Google Data Studio.

Challenges Faced: Overcoming Hurdles in Implementation

1. Tech Team Bandwidth: Additional bandwidth needed for R&D

Balancing high-priority tasks strained the tech team’s capacity for research and development (R&D), causing slight delays in implementation. The team juggled critical assignments alongside the demands of the new project, leading to challenges in allocating sufficient time and attention to the necessary research.

2. Involvement of Multiple Teams: Coordination challenges among design and tech teams

Collaborative challenges arose as design and tech teams navigated coordination issues. The introduction of recommendations, like reviews and testimonials, added complexity and occasional delays. Despite efforts to streamline communication, the interdisciplinary nature of the project intermittently hindered seamless coordination.

3. Custom Tech Stack: Challenges with an older tech stack

The older tech stack posed hurdles during implementation, causing compatibility issues and demanding custom solutions. Integrating outdated components with modern technologies extended the timeline. Overcoming these challenges required meticulous problem-solving and additional time to ensure a smooth integration of the custom tech stack.

Audience-Centric Approach: Tailoring the Message

Targeting fresh graduates, postgraduates, and career changers.

🡪 Addressing specific needs and providing valuable information.

🡪 Tailored content about courses, career opportunities, and success stories.

Strategies Implemented: Crafting a Unique SEO Blueprint

1. Technical & Content Improvements:

Identification and Elimination of Duplicate Content:

We eradicated over 80 duplicate product URLs by assigning unique IDs, ensuring a single version. This involved removing duplicates from XML sitemaps, and internal links, and setting accurate canonical tags.

Rectifying Canonical Discrepancies:

After eliminating duplicate URLs, we corrected canonicals for 320+ pages directed to NON-HTTPS versions. Ensuring alignment with HTTPS versions enhanced consistency and accuracy.

Strategic Keyword Research & Clustering:

In-depth keyword research tailored to our clients’ courses paved the way for systematic clustering. This approach laid the foundation for dedicated hubs, ensuring targeted optimization.

Building Topical Authority:

Leveraging keyword research, we re-optimized product content, solidifying each product’s topical authority. This comprehensive approach enhanced the trustworthiness of both users and search engines.

Meta Tag Optimization:

Keyword insights guided the fine-tuning of Title Tags and Meta Descriptions, boosting keyword rankings and improving CTR.

Content Enhancement:

Guided by competitor analysis and user intent understanding, we meticulously re-optimized product pages, elevating content quality.

Support Page Strategy for Funnel Targeting:

Strategically tailored support pages targeted different funnel stages, enhancing brand awareness and engagement.

UI/UX Enhancements:

Implementing breadcrumb navigation, optimizing CTAs, and integrating tables of content elevated the user experience.

Improve Blog Navigation:

Revamping UI/UX addressed crawlability issues in the blog section, ensuring enhanced visibility and accessibility.

Featured Snippet Optimization:

Content optimization focused on targeting featured snippets, providing concise and relevant answers in search results.


Integration of modal window popups, CTA widgets, and sticky CTAs boosted user engagement and conversions, enhancing the overall user journey.

2. Unique Campaign Elements:

Custom Regex Filters

Utilizing custom regex filters empowered us to focus on long-tail and specific keywords, optimizing pages for nuanced user searches. This innovative approach, harnessing AI creativity for tailored user queries, distinctly differentiated our campaign in terms of innovation.

Elevating E-E-A-T Score

Our two-pronged approach to boosting the E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) score distinguished us. Highlighting our coaches’ expertise and showcasing ratings and testimonials added credibility and trustworthiness, enhancing our overall reputation for both users and search engines.

Topical Authority

Creating support pages tailored to different marketing funnels contributed to enhancing topical authority. This strategy engaged users at various decision-making stages, ultimately improving the overall user experience.

Measurable Impact: Elevating Success Beyond Metrics

Quick Highlight: Surpassing expectations in just 7 months!

🡪 Keywords in Top 5: 2.7x increase (169.2%)

🡪 New Users: 2.7x increase (165.5%)

🡪 Non-Brand Clicks: 3x increase (204.3%)

Why this Deserves Recognition in SEO Excellence

Unparalleled success in non-brand click growth, keyword ranking, holistic SEO, and innovation.

🡪 Outstanding 3x non-brand click growth

🡪 Remarkable 169.2% surge in keyword rankings

🡪 Comprehensive improvement in user experience and E-E-A-T scores

🡪 Holistic problem-solving and AI-driven innovation

Our client’s online SEO success story is a testament to overcoming challenges, embracing creativity, and achieving remarkable results in a dynamic online education landscape.

Embracing SEO Excellence: Winner of Economic Times DG Plus Awards

Celebrate with us as our EdTech SEO campaign emerges victorious, securing the prestigious Economic Times DG Plus Awards for the Best Use of Search/Paid Marketing. This recognition underscores our commitment to innovation, overcoming challenges, and delivering exceptional results in the dynamic landscape of online education.

Facing digital education challenges or seeking online visibility consultation? Our experienced team is here for you. Whether you’re from an EdTech platform or a related niche, click here to start your journey toward remarkable results.

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