Homestyle E-commerce SEO Success: 2416% Revenue Growth in 10 Months

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Navigating Digital Challenges with Strategic Prowess

In a tapestry of online rugs, our client grappled with hindering low clicks and almost negligible revenue. The SEO quest aimed for colossal organic growth, surmounting challenges through strategic ingenuity.

Mission and Goals Overview

🡪 Increase the revenue through SEO by 1000%.

🡪  Surge in organic sessions, achieving 3x growth in non-branded clicks.

🡪 Ascend rankings for top 5 keywords.

🡪 Escalate sessions, magnetizing new users.

🡪 Amplify non-branded clicks.

Tackling Implementation Challenges Head-On

Navigating Budget Constraints and Small Teams

  1. Strategic planning under budget constraints and a compact team prompted meticulous activity prioritization using the ICE method. Incremental growth in new users became the key focus.

Complex Web Untangling

  1. Homestyle E-commerce store faced a daunting task—failing to allure new users, diminishing clicks, and a meager SEO-driven revenue. Critical collection pages grappled with thin content, intensifying index bloat and stifling the indexing of crucial money pages on Google. The addition of new collection pages exacerbated this issue, perpetuating a cycle of indexing woes, hindering site visibility, and blocking potential revenue streams.

Strategic Initiatives Unveiled

1. Technical Audit:

Embarking on a comprehensive technical audit laid the groundwork for identifying and addressing digital issues, providing a foundation for strategic enhancements

2. Keyword Research:

Guided by insights from the audit, thorough keyword research shaped our content strategy, directing it toward optimal areas for attracting organic users.

3. Category Pages Optimization:

Prioritizing user experience, we enhanced category pages, injecting engaging content to elevate user engagement and create positive first impressions.

4. Page Pruning:

Streamlining the site structure, we pruned unnecessary pages, reducing index bloat and resolving indexing issues for a more efficient website.

5. Resolving and Redirecting::

Improving user experience, we tackled broken pages and links, utilizing internal links strategically for organic growth.

6. CRO Crescendo:

Implementing CRO initiatives led to a 7% increase in purchase stage conversion, turning visitors into valuable customers.

7. Navigation Menu Revamp:

Transformed the menu, orchestrating a melodious tune for smoother navigation, empowering Google crawlers.

8. Content Asset Crafting:

Crafting tailored content assets targeted users at different journey stages, enriching the organic appeal of the website.

9. Festive Sale Landing Pages:

Creating special landing pages during festivities attracted and converted visitors into customers, capitalizing on seasonal opportunities.

Measurable Impact: Elevating Success Metrics

Campaign Metamorphosis (Jan 23 – Oct 23):

🡪 Revenue Surge: 2416.1% increase

🡪 CRO Uplift: 7% in purchase stage conversion

🡪 Top 3 Positions: 193 (1920% increase)

🡪 Keywords in Top 10: 679 (422.3% increase)

🡪 Clicks for Top 1 Positions: 399 (235.2% increase)

🡪 Clicks for Top 2-3 Positions: 433 (1632% increase)

🡪 Clicks for Top 4-10 Positions: 937 (700% increase)

🡪 Organic Sessions Surge: 432% increase

🡪 New Users Soar: 453.5% increase

Measuring Impact Beyond Numbers:

🡪 Buyer’s journey tailored content

🡪 Festive sales and special landing pages

🡪 Google Discovery content experimentation

🡪 453.3% increase in New Organic Users

In this SEO saga, our Homestyle E-commerce store conquered technical challenges, orchestrated keywords, fine-tuned category pages, danced through page pruning, resolved broken links, and composed strategic content and sales pages, resulting in a standing ovation—a remarkable increase in revenue by 2416% along with +453.3% increase in new organic users.

Celebrating Excellence: Gold at the 2023 DMAasia ECHO Awards

In a triumphant acknowledgment of our innovative approach and outstanding achievements in the realm of digital marketing, our Homestyle E-commerce Online Store proudly clinched the Gold Prize at the 2023 DMAasia ECHO Awards. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and strategic prowess in navigating the complex landscape of online marketing. We extend our gratitude to the DMAasia for recognizing our dedication and ingenuity in the ever-evolving digital sphere.

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Akarsh K

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