SEO Case Study: 20K+ Clicks Per Day in 3 Months

20K+ Clicks Per Day within 3 Months

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A Global Initiative for Educational Worksheets

Quizizz, a prominent educational platform, embarked on a journey to enhance the visibility and reach of its Worksheets initiative. The primary objectives were identifying keyword clusters, scaling globally, reducing the cost per non-branded click, and covering non-English-speaking regions.

Objectives and Goals: Beyond Clicks and Impressions

🡪 Identify keyword clusters globally

🡪 Scale Worksheets initiative globally

🡪 Optimize campaigns to reduce non-branded click costs

🡪 Internationalization to cover non-English speaking regions

Strategic Approach: A Comprehensive SEO Blueprint

Technical Audit

Ensured website health through a comprehensive audit, identifying and resolving discrepancies. Implemented solutions to optimize performance and user experience.

Keyword Research & Clustering

Conducted in-depth research to identify Quizizz-related keywords. Systematically grouped them into clusters, forming the basis for targeted content hubs and effective optimization.

Quiz Page Optimization

Enhanced visibility and user experience by addressing canonical issues, eliminating duplicates, and adopting HTTPS. Aligned with Google’s practices, improved Core Web Vitals for a better overall user experience.

Implemented i18n for global visibility

Applied internationalization (i18n) strategies, translating content for diverse markets. Targeting both English and non-English speakers, Quizizz aimed for a broader audience and global presence.

Image Optimization

Strategically optimized educational worksheet images for top positions in search results. Focused on concise, relevant images for specific keyword clusters, aiming to increase visibility and attract users through image searches.

Internal Navigation

Improved website credibility by enhancing internal navigation. Implemented a robust internal linking logic for seamless user and search engine bot navigation, creating a user-friendly experience and boosting overall credibility.

Strategic Keyword Research & Clustering: Building Topical Authority

Strategic Keyword Research & Clustering:

We initiated our strategy by conducting extensive keyword research tailored to Quizizz’s offerings. Subsequently, we systematically organized these identified keywords into clusters. This laid the groundwork for establishing dedicated content hubs, ensuring a focused and efficient optimization approach.

Building Topical Authority:

Capitalizing on our comprehensive keyword research, we undertook the task of re-optimizing product content. In addition, we supplemented it with relevant blog assets. This strategic move aimed to enhance the topical authority of each product. By presenting each product as an authoritative source within its niche, we solidified our website’s overall topical authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of both search engines and users.

Outlining Canonical Discrepancies:

During the technical audit, we unearthed 320+ pages with canonicals pointing to the non-HTTPS versions. In response, we systematically addressed duplicate URLs, ensuring that canonicals for the relevant pages were accurately directed to the HTTPS versions. This rectification contributed to a clean and organized website structure, aligning with best practices.

Meta Tag Optimization:

Guided by our insights from keyword research, we meticulously fine-tuned all Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. This crucial step was geared towards targeting relevant keywords precisely. The optimization of these meta elements played a pivotal role in improving keyword rankings and boosting the overall Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Content Enhancement:

Building on the foundation of our comprehensive keyword research, we identified top-ranking competitors in our niche. This insight guided us in systematically enhancing our content. By addressing content gaps and opportunities, we ensured that our product pages were not only relevant but also resonated with the specific needs and preferences of our target audience. This strategic content enhancement contributed to elevating the overall quality and relevance of our content.

Results: From Zero to Hero in 3 Months

Achieved 20K+ daily clicks, 1.5M daily impressions, and consistent ranking improvements.

🡪 20K daily clicks on average

🡪 1.5M daily impressions on average

🡪 1M daily impressions solely from Image Search

🡪 Consistent improvement in overall position ranking

Quizizz Worksheets’ SEO success showcases the effectiveness of a well-planned, comprehensive strategy. From technical enhancements to global expansion and user-focused optimizations, the campaign has met and exceeded its objectives, marking Quizizz as a leader in educational search visibility.

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