New Google Search Console Feature: Content Ideas (experimental)


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Google is testing a new feature called “content ideas” in its Search Console. The feature is labelled as “experimental”  that brings elements similar to those found in Question Hub directly into Google Search Console .

The feature was spotted by Nicolas Ockier, who shared a screenshot on Mastodon.

So, what is this New Content Ideas (Experimental) feature?

It suggests topics for you to write and to publish on your website. This appears to be similar to the Google Question Hub, which launched about two years ago in the United states.

Question Hub 

Google states that  – Question Hub enables creators to generate more comprehensive content by responding to questions that are currently unanswered on the web. 

Using Question Hub, 

  • We collect questions that don’t have good answers on the web
  •  Present them to bloggers, writers, and content creators
  •  You can create content to answer these questions and track its success

And this is currently available in some countries 

  1.     United States (English)
  2.     India (Hindi, English)
  3.     Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia)
  4.     Nigeria (English)

Nicolas posted on his Spanish SEO Blog  that “the report groups relevant topics where all the proposals are in the form of questions, as seen in the screenshot. Additionally, it enables you to save the best concepts and keep track of the most crucial subjects.” He clarified that although he did not directly see this, he discovered this screenshot on a Facebook group.

He claimed that as of now, only residents of Pakistan and India may access Question Hub.

And here is the sample of mail sending by Google when this is activated 

Again, mostly it feels like a question hub directly into the search console. 

Nitin Manchanda

Nitin Manchanda

Nitin Manchanda is a developer turned SEO. In the past, Nitin has helped some really popular brands like Omio, trivago, and Flipkart grow organically. He is also the founder of Botpresso, a boutique SEO consultancy. While not busy with his SEO stuff, you'll find him planning his next trip, watching some cricket match, or painting, crafting or breaking things with his two daughters!