Agencies Supercharging SEO with Python

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What makes your SEO efforts ‘effective’? With the changing tides of time, we’re in an era of the constant evolution of existing methods of marketing as well as witnessing a rise in the new wave of optimization for organic search. 

In an effort to make SEO fun for all, the webinar series ‘SEO Tales with Nitin’ – powered by Duda (The Professional Website Builder) delves into the most crucial aspects and developments of SEO. The series focuses on empowering Agency-side and Brand-side marketers to identify newer opportunities for growth and help scale, sustain or dominate in a competitive landscape.

In the recent episode of the SEO Tales with Nitin, dated the 5th of July 2023 our topic of discussion ‘Agencies Supercharging SEO with Python’ was empanelled by some experienced wizards in the ‘Python for SEO’ space.

Our list of guests included:

Olesia Korobka:

SEO Entrepreneur, Fajela. Olesia is a dedicated SEO professional who actively shares SEO case studies, research, A/B tests, and educational videos on her platforms. She also contributes to various SEO publications, engaging in knowledge-sharing and networking activities.

Nitin Manchanda: 

Founder and Chief SEO Consultant, Botpresso. Nitin, a seasoned SEO professional, is highly regarded as an active keynote speaker. With his extensive experience, he has successfully spearheaded SEO efforts for renowned international brands such as Trivago and Omio. Through his consultancy services, he consistently leverages his expertise in SEO to assist businesses in achieving organic growth.

Andreas Voniatis: 

Founder, Artios With over two decades of experience collaborating with renowned brands and advertising agencies, Adreas has solidified his reputation as a data-driven SEO specialist. Holding a degree in Economics from Leeds University, he brings a robust economic foundation to his endeavors. Moreover, he is widely acknowledged for his contributions to esteemed global publications.

Resources shared in Webinar:
Keyword Clustering Python Script

Elias Dabbas:

Owner, The Media Supermarket Elias, a prolific author, and developer, is the driving force behind Advertools, a widely adopted Python package and command line tool in the realms of SEO, SEM, and digital marketing. With an impressive installation count of over 1.5 million, Advertools encompasses a comprehensive range of features, including an SEO crawler, log file analyzer, PPC campaign scaling tools, XML sitemap analysis, and much more. Additionally, Elias has authored the highly acclaimed book titled “Interactive Dashboards and Data Apps with Plotly and Dash,” further establishing his expertise in the field.

Resources shared in Webinar:

We’ve got some amazing insight and some really special Python scripts for you to level up your SEO game.

Here’s a snippet of insights and links shared by all our speakers:

Olesia highlighted the influential role of ChatGPT in creating efficient Python scripts for SEO. The glorious rise of AI has given a boost to many SEOs. With the power of AI-driven prompts, SEOs can craft efficient Python scripts that can be shared with your friends and colleagues.

It is possible to learn Python with absolutely no engineering background. 

Here’s a trivia: Olesia’s talented son used ChatGPT to learn Python and create plugins for Warcraft! (God-level unlocked). Olesia recommended ChatGPT over Bard and for relevancy and data-accuracy. 

Olesia suggested one can take two to three sessions on Coursera or any other platform for understanding Python and then use Chat-GPT for creating scripts. 

Important tip: Don’t squeeze all your requirements into 1 ChatGPT prompt. Break the activity into smaller milestones. 

Elias shared how he uses Python to crawl websites

Another interesting thing was that you could discover every sitemap and add them to a data frame( which converts an XML sitemap to a table) 

All one has to do is feed a Robots.txt URL and the script will discover every sitemap URL on the website that can be downloaded. The sitemaps will be bifurcated into categories like a normal sitemap /zipped sitemap/sitemap index.

An amazing code to collect all the URLs on the website and segregate them into directories.

The directory highlights how the website and content are structured.

This is an amazing resource for segregation data and analyzing the complete website.

Discovering URLs in the sitemap, NOT crawled.

Counts of External Link Domains.

Page size and download latency.

Here’s Elias’ course on Data Science with Python for SEO.

Andreas ( Wanted to quit SEO 13 years ago. Decided to be trained in data science. The more he learned about coding and higher mathematics the more he fell in love with search engines.

Andreas is the author of Data-Driven SEO with Python  and loves mathematics.

Andreas demonstrated using Python for keyword clustering and search intent analysis. It’s fascinating to see how Python can simplify and automate these tasks, allowing users to uncover valuable insights from large amounts of data.

The process described, from extracting SERPs to grouping keywords based on search intent, showcases the power of Python in data manipulation and analysis. The functions demonstrated, while lengthy, provide a systematic approach to comparing and clustering keywords efficiently.

Scripts & Resources